Get ready for the 2013 season. Get your kids off the couch and have them sign up now. NOFA!!!would like to thank all the support from the parents because without you this would not be possible.
Come out and Support your football players and Cheerleaders!!!!!!
Welcome to†Niagara Orleans†Football Association

Welcome to†the Niagara†Orleans Football Association (NOFA) website.† NOFA is the Governing body for Football and Cheerleading for the area that include Akron, Albion, Attica, Batavia,†Holley, Medina, Newfane, Oakfield-Elba, Pembroke, RoyHart, and Tri-Town†School Districts.†† NOFA has a full contact Football Program that is Age Based with ages ranging from 6 - 13 based on a† 12/1 birthdate.†† We have Four Divisions - 6 - 7 years old are Beginners, 8 -9 years old are Mini's, 10 - 11 years old are JV, and 12 - 13 years old are Varsity.††



†Championship Games will be held November 1, 2014
Location and times to be determined
Admission at the gate $2.00/person Players, Cheerleader, Coaches are Free
Children under 5 are Free

2013 Mini Champions Akron
Akron vs Medina

2013 JV Champions Newfane
Albion vs Newfane

2013 Varsity Champions Akron
Pembroke vs Akron

Mission Statement: This association is designed primarily to encourage athletic endeavors. And to promote the physical, mental and moral development of children by providing the means through which the individual child shall receive education and instruction in football and cheerleading. The purpose of setting up such a program will be to develop a spirit of fair play, honest and fair competition and a sense of true sportsmanship, with no discrimination toward race, color or creed. NOFA supports the principle of football and cheerleading for every interested and eligible child. NOFA does not advocate tryouts with the idea of only offering football or cheerleading to only the best and most talented children in the community. NOFA encourages its membership to continually strive to increase leadership and finances of the organization so that every eligible child who wants to participate in the program may do so.


NOFA has a full†Cheerleading Program that is Age Based with ages ranging from 6 - 14 based on a 12/1 birthdate. We have Four Divisions - 6 - 7 years old are Beginners, 8 -9 years old are Mini's, 10 - 11 years old are JV, and 12 - 14 years old are Varsity.†† Each Cheerleader sideline cheers throughout the NOFA Season and the season is highlighted by the NOFA CheerZone.†

†††††††††††††††††††††† GO-TEAM-GO!!!!!! for more infomation.

NOFA CheerZone is November 8, 2014
Lyndonville High School
Admission is $5.00 at the door

NOFA 2013 Varsity CheerZone Grand Champions - Newfane
NOFA 2013 JV CheerZone Grand Champions -
NOFA 2013 Mini CheerZone Grand Champions - RoyHart
NOFA 2013 Beginner CheerZone Grand Champions -
Please visit the Cheerleader Page to see the Pictures of all the Grand Champions!

NOFA Highlights & Upcoming Events

Practice for Cheerleading and Football starts on Monday, July 28, 2014!† Please make sure to begin hydrating one week prior to practice!† Contact your Commissioner or Director for specific information regarding your Organization!

Games schedule refer to League Schedule

Jim Ellegate Memorial Award†
†NOFA - Preston Teague
Akron - Scott Schultz
Albion - Mike Wertman
Attica - Doug & Brooke Donnelley
Batavia - Michael Napoleone Foundation
Holley - Nicole Grathouse
Medina - Mike Wertman
Newfane - Brud Nicholas
Oakfield-Elba - Roxanne Munger
Pembroke - Trent Wolford
RoyHart - John Jablonski
Tri-Town - Ken Proefrock

Cheer Coach of the Year
Sandy Faucett of Akron Beginner

Football Coach of the Year
Darren Moore of RoyHart JV